FREE Printable Disney Cruise Door Magnet Decorations

Posted by on September 10, 2011
Disney cruise door decorations

‘WHERE’S MY JAR OF DIRT??’ Jack Sparrow Printable Cruise Door Magnet

Honeymoon cruise 2009 aboard the Disney Wonder, my husband and I return to deck 7 from an extensive exploration of the night club area (hey we had to drown our Bingo sorrows somewhere…)  and there we are, a little pixie tipsy and trying to find our stateroom among scores of never-ending hallways. I felt like Ringo in Yellow Submarine, where he keeps opening doors that have crazy parties and freight trains behind them. Eventually we found our room, but I don’t think our mojitos had a whole lot to do with it. For the next few days, I was always headed down the wrong hallway and wishing I had Jack’s magic compass.

During my ‘travels’, I saw my share of Disney cruise door decorations. So many celebrations! There were doors decorated for birthdays, reunions and honeymoons. When I finally found our own stateroom, I was a bit sorry about our naked door. Stateroom door decorations are a Disney Cruise tradition, and you don’t want your family to miss out on the fun! Take note that Disney is now prohibiting the use of tape of stateroom doors. Find out Why….  But we can still use magnets to put up our favorite room decorations!


FREE Disney cruise door Decorations by Rain:

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I have started customizing door decorations! Put your names, your celebration, and even your favorite characters on any of my designs! Order customized Disney cruise door decorations here.

FREE Disney cruise door Decorations by Rain:

Spiderman Cruise Door Ears

Spiderman Disney Cruise Door Decorations
Download and Print Here

FREE Fireworks 4th of July Disney Cruise Door Magnet

Fireworks Disney Cruise Door Decoration Magnet
Download and Print Here

disney cruise door decoration magnet

‘Where’s my Jar of Dirt??’ Jack Sparrow Disney cruise Door Decoration
Download and Print Here

Disney cruise door magnet

Simba Ears Disney Cruise Door Decorations
Download and Print Here

custom disney cruise door decoration

Little Mermaid Disney Cruise Door Decorations
Download and Print Here

disney cruise door decoration ideas

Rainbow Pride Mickey Ears
Download and Print Here

disney cruise door decoration christmas

Christmas Light Mickey Ears
Download and Print Here

disney cruise door decoration

Grandma and Grandpa’s Stateroom
Download and Print Here

Woody Disney Cruise Door Ears

Woody Stateroom Ears
Download and Print Here

Jessie Disney Cruise Door Ears

Jessie Stateroom Ears
Download and Print Here

Birthday Disney Cruise Door Decoration

CUSTOM Birthday Cruise Door Decoration
Special Order with your Name

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I have started customizing door decorations! Put your names, your celebration, and even your favorite characters on any of my designs! Order customized Disney cruise door decorations here.


Stitch Ears Disney Cruise Stateroom Door

by ‘idrivealumina’

The idea here is that the round stateroom design is perfect for adding a pair of Mickey ears to. This has sprouted all kinds of Disney character ‘ears’, far beyond just Mickey.

Do you have a stateroom door number design idea that hasn’t been made yet?


I will make your dream ears, and I can even personalize with names and celebrations. Order your custom door ears from me today.

51 Responses to FREE Printable Disney Cruise Door Magnet Decorations

  1. Cheryl Toon

    Hi! I found your site doing a very long search for magnet ideas. I love the lifesaver that surrounds the portal and reads “Grandma & Grandpa”. Is there anyway to change this to read PaPa and (spelled out) Ray Ray”. I realize this is a crazy request…we leave this Saturday…Totally understand if you’re busy and no time to fulfill. I appreciate you sharing your awesome work!!

    My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and we wanted to decorate their door.

  2. Amber

    Thank you so much for these designs – love them! My daughter is so excited to decorate our cruise cabin door! Any chance you could make me a grandparents one that says “Grandma & Papa”? Thanks!

  3. Annemarie

    My partner would love some Duffy bear ears if you are able to do this? Love your designs they are so different to the others I’ve seen :)

  4. Kris

    Love the Grandma and Grandpa! However, we are sailing next week for our 25th anniversary. Can the words be changed or removed? We would love for it to say “Happy Anniversary” or “Happy 25th Anniversary”. Thank you so very much.

  5. msmom

    I love your mickey stateroom ears. My favorite are the tangled lights! how cute! thanks!

  6. EtetPaype

    I am going to print out the lightbulb ones for our cruise this November. Thanks!

  7. RoastyToasty

    I love the simba stateroom ears. we didn’t even know that you could put decorations on your stateroom door on a disney cruise. Thanks!

  8. Spuds

    Can you make stitch ears for my disney cruise door?

  9. daisyfan

    Do you know where I could get Daisy Duck stateroom ears? I’m not even sure what it would look like, but that’s what I want lol

  10. Aqualady

    I would like to have an ariel, but like her hair or something? is that too weird?

  11. Oliver

    Mickey ears are the cutest, but I like all of the variations. thanks, I am printing the holiday ones!

  12. Kristinsgril

    Thank you!! We are going to walt disney world then on a disney cruise and these are perfect!

  13. Disneybound

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved me so MUCH time, I printed my ears, then attached little magnets instead of buying the magnet paper :-)

  14. Bart231

    Any idea how I could get a lilo one done?

  15. Cora

    Thanks but I am just going to stick some of our disney magnets on our door. we have so many on the fridge, I will just pack those!

  16. Jarrod

    I love the creativity here, I tried to cut out a poster to put on our dor, but it didn’t work out. I think I”ll just print out yours, lol. Thanks again.

  17. CreativeJane

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting all of the stateroom ears. I love it!

  18. Carole

    Could you print the Mickey ears door design with Grandmother & Granddaddy on it (instead of Grandma & Grandpa), and also Great-Grandmother & Great-Granddaddy on another one. Either the plain Mickey ears or the Captain Mickey would be great. Thank you so much! C.F.



  20. Vila

    THanks for the ears!

  21. militarymom

    Our famiyl wants to vacation at walt disney world, then to the cruise. i know this might not be the right place to ask. is there a discount happening now?

  22. Sallysmom

    I love the mickey light ears, too. this is so cute, and i will be adding it to our door on our upcoming holiday cruise!

  23. overhtehill

    Thank you for letting us have these disney ears for free? i don’t know if i like the designs that aren’t ears.

  24. smokeless cigarettes

    Wow, we are seriously considering a Disney vacation, now. Thank you!

  25. Route 66 History

    Love these stateroom ears! Thanks for posting, we are downloading some for our trip next May!

  26. BlackD

    Thank you for posting these! I used printable magnet paper and it worked just fine.

  27. combomom

    Thanks for that awesome post. It saved me sooo much time on decorating our stateroom door. :)

  28. bluetoothed

    Thank you for the free printable mickey ears! I thought we would have to find this somewhere to buy after seeing these on some stateroom doors on the Disney Wonder.

  29. Ringer Starred

    Is there a way to print these on magnet paper? I am guessing that I just get the magnet paper and it will have instructions. Thanks for posting these printable ears. We’re making some for the grandparents!

  30. Jennifer Ferber

    Thank you so much for this email! I love the designs so much.
    Would you mind terribly trying to put together a kung fu panda one with the piece at the bottom like the grandma and grandpa room so we can write our names on it?
    We are a family of black belts and thought this would be a fun door hanger for us.
    Thank you so very much!
    Jen Ferber

  31. BoomMan

    Thanks, I downloaded my simba stateroom door ears today!

  32. Nathan

    Just wanna say thanks, I’m glad these are free. I didn’t have trouble with mine, we used contact paper.

  33. SimbaFan

    I found tha tcontact paper works best. It’s cheap and easier than laminating, I think. We just put magnets on the back. oh yeah, we love the simba ears!

  34. Mitch

    What a cool idea! I might design my own, but I love the christmas mickey ones.

  35. Richard

    any chance you could do a dumbo pattern? i’m going on my first Disney cruise this May and would love to be able to put Dumbo’s ears on the door!

  36. PlutoTags

    This is just what we needed for our door. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

  37. Peggy

    could you design ears that say Nanny & Papa similar to the Grandma and Grandpa ones?

  38. RichH

    thank you for making these! now I can find my cousin’s cabin without having a lot of trouble. he’ll have the rainbow ears!

  39. hoffsteader

    Thanks for putting the work into these, we downloaded the christmas mickey.

  40. KatyBug

    we are cruising next fall and these are going to be perfect, thank you!

  41. Sarah

    These are great mickey ears, thank you for sharing them! We are printing out Simba for our cruise door.

  42. amazonian

    Love this idea. Can you make a pair for Hercules? Maybe Pegasus?

  43. gooddealdad

    stateroom mickey ears… I like this. We saw some decorations on our last cruise and were wondering what it was all about. I printed out the ones for gma & gpa thanks!

  44. holidaycruiser

    yay for christmas mickey ears!

  45. 2011 cruiser

    my printer is not printing in color, so i will have to take these to kinkos. but worth it. we are traviling with my whole family and this is going to make it so easy to find our doors. thank you!

  46. Cindy

    Hi! I love these! I have to say though my printer does not do so well printing out quality stuff. Also I have about zero craft skills. Is there any way to get this done for me…anywhere by anyone? Do you know?



  47. captainjack

    Wow, these are cool, the jack sparrow one is so funny!

  48. Hookmania

    Do you have any villains like the previous commenter suggested? I want a captain hook! Arrrrr!

  49. Charlotte

    Hi If you can make Cruella or Malificent I would appreciate it. My mom is a villian fanatic and it would be perfect on her statesroom door! Thank you

  50. diablo 3

    I don’t know if we will end up getting the magnet paper, with just a 4 day cruise, I think that the paper and little magnets will work. Thanks, we are going to use the christmas lights mickey ears on our stateroom door.

  51. epcotcrawler

    Okay, we are headed out to disney world, but I thinkt he door there might be metal, too. i’m going to put these on there. do they allow that to happen? guess i will find out!